Mexico City Guide


Having now lived in Mexico City for about a year and a half, it’s truly become my favorite city on earth and there is SO much to see, eat, and experience. But being a city of over 20 million people, it can be overwhelming and you probably have no idea where to start. I’ve created this guide to help you navigate everything from when to visit, how to prepare, where to eat, drink, explore, and more. This 26 page guide will be your digital handbook for everything you need to know about Mexico City whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve traveled here before so you can just save it to your phone and open it up whenever you need it.

Creating this guide has taken a year and a half of learning things first hand and the countless hours of research I’ve poured in, and I hope more than anything it helps you cut through the endless information out there and have a clear guide to make your trip one of your favorites yet!

Thank you so much for those who decide to purchase this guide, and don’t hesitate to reach out to my email on the last page if you have any questions or want to share how this guide helped you on your trip!


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